Similar to our top pick, but won’t cover as well and isn’t as strong over time. Behr Marquee Interior boasts a one-coat coverage guarantee and it really does cover in ONE coat. Unlike some other popular paints, Regal Select is only available at dedicated paint retailers and smaller hardware stores, where our painters feel more comfortable with the expertise behind the counter. However, all viewpoints and opinions expressed here are 100% my own, and have not been directed by or influenced by Behr in any way. See more ideas about paint colors for home, house colors, room colors. The color wasn’t done right, so you can usually buy them for half price.” Obviously, this may not work for a living room where a specific color is needed, but it might be an inexpensive way to paint a garage or some other utility space. At the request of the customer, I painted the whole interior of two homes with Behr paint, using Ultra Premium Plus for the walls in both homes. Just looking at offerings by Benjamin Moore, Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Valspar (the four biggies), there are at least 28 different interior latex paints currently available. Some of the painters we spoke with hadn’t used Valspar in a while, but the advice again was to stick with paint specialty stores for advice and color matching.6. It was clearly the best paint job I’ve ever done—and the one that took the least amount of effort. He lives in a very demanding 250-year-old farmhouse and spent four years gutting and rebuilding his previous home. Internet # 204747490 Model # 245001 Store SKU # 1000037695 $ 43 98. share Share save to favorites Save Custom Catalog print Print Colors may vary by screen type. Benjamin Moore’s Ben was the only budget paint that the painters we interviewed recommended. Savino, one of the painters we spoke to, recommended it—specifically the Marquee line—while another said that it’s “terrible.” We didn’t get the feeling of any consensus like we did with Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. Cashmere’s range from 38 percent to 41 percent (depending on sheen) and Regal Select’s from 40 percent to 43 percent. We are very satisfied with this purchase. If you are covering white walls, you should not need more than one coat. For two coats, that would be under two gallons. Used Marquee for 5 rooms and am extremely happy with the performance. It doesn’t give the coverage of our other picks, but it’s a solid choice. michellekport. Find Paints in Store. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; E-mail; Print ; Total; I have this picture in my mind of what I want my house to look like sometime in the future. This is the percentage that each can has of solids, meaning the non-solvent portion—the part that’s left on the wall once the paint dries.2 Through our interviews and research, we found that most consistent paints measure in the high-30-percent to high-40-percent range.3 As a Family Handyman article on high-quality paint points out, “a higher percentage of solids means a thicker paint film, better hiding and greater durability.“ (The highest volume solids we found is in Benjamin Moore’s ultra-premium Aura line (matte finish) at 47.5 percent, but as outlined in the Competition section, it’s often not worth the premium price of about $70 a gallon.4), The overwhelming opinion that we heard from our painters is that buying paint from a paint store or a smaller hardware store is the way to go. For volume solids, it was second only to Benjamin Moore Aura. For pre-mixed colors, it doesn’t make a difference—“the computer makes the formula”—but matching an existing color is a different story. If you have the perfect space for dark hue, Behr Dark Navy is an amazing family room paint color. This paint goes on easy and combines coverage, durability, and cleanability. 2015-04-16. true. These include Clark + Kensington, Glidden, Dutch Boy, Pratt & Lambert, Olympic, Colorhouse and Ralph Lauren. This paint shares many characteristics with our main pick but is slightly more expensive. Very few excel across the board. “ Commerial customer picked Behr paint due to owning a HD card and all inteior paint used was Behr. A second important aspect to note is called the percent volume solids. The pitfalls of choosing an inexpensive paint are numerous and all end poorly: the paint starts peeling, it doesn’t adequately block the previous wall color, it leaves big drips, or it takes four coats instead of two. The … See more ideas about behr marquee paint, behr, behr marquee. The little dust I inhaled thru my nose caused me intense itching and sneezing in my nose for a … Behr Marquee interior paint is a great pick if you're looking to save during home renovations. We’ll be monitoring how this affects the individual paint lines at each company. Behr Marquee One-Coat Hide Interior Paint and Primer in One is ranked as a 5-star option among consumers. As Campbell said, “spending that extra bit for a better grade will save you time in only having to apply one or two coats versus three or four.” Young told us that “[cheap paint] is much more water-like and covers poorly.” If you’re doing the painting yourself, a paint with better coverage leads to less time painting. If customers are calling them back for problems a few months down the line, they can’t move on to other work and remain successful. Lower-quality paints may seem good at the checkout lane, but over time, they’re just not worth it. It’s not as thick, so the coverage isn’t as good, but it’s still highly regarded by some of the painters we spoke to. DuPont told us his go-to is Regal Select Eggshell. 4. Marquee is a 100-percent acrylic paint with solids ranging from 41 percent to almost 46 percent, depending on the sheen. They also keep a record of your purchases, so if you need a color match at a later date, they should have the information. As Watson of Sherwin-Williams informed us, “[comparing percent volume solids of two paints] only works if like solids are being compared.” In other words, a cup of hot chocolate from a gas station vending machine is going to be very different from a cup of hot chocolate from a four-star restaurant, even with identical cocoa to milk ratios. We need to stress that percent volume solids should only be used as a general guideline because the quality of the solids also plays a role. Many times you can get it at a discounted price.”1 He also said that, “if you’re part of a homeowner’s association, just ask the clerk if there is a discount for this and sometimes you will be able to get the paint at 15 to 20 percent off list price.” Young also recommends looking out for sales and mentioned that “sometimes you can find ‘paint mistakes’ at your retailer. Benjamin Moore beat Behr by a nose as the top-performing interior paint in two of three major categories in Consumer Reports' recent tests. KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint, Satin, Silver Gray, 1-Gallon, 1 Gallon, 4 l 4.5 out of 5 stars 917 $32.98 $ 32 . Regal Select was thick enough that it gave me plenty of time to catch any blobs or streaks, and it rolled on much smoother than other paints I’ve used. Regal Select is a 100-percent acrylic paint with high solids, and a large number of polled professional painters stand behind it and let it represent them and their companies. St. Paul, MN. More than 3,000 consumers claim this is their top choice in interior paints because it is a paint and primer all in one, thus saving time on their painting projects. Volatile Organic Compounds' Impact on Indoor Air Quality. Marquee Interior is Behr's most advanced paint and primer, ever. BEHR MARQUEE Stain-Blocking Paint & Primer Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel is our most advanced interior paint - delivering high-performance one-coat coverage with every colour in the exclusive MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Colour Collection. *At the time of publishing, the price was $48. Did not live up to the hype. The marquee is paint and primer in one PLUS it is specialized so you should only need 1 coat, no matter what color you're painting over. It was clearly the best paint job I’ve ever done—and the one that took the least amount of effort. The end result was fantastic. It costs closer to $40 for a gallon, but doesn’t have the coverage of Regal Select. While this is an important piece of the puzzle for determining paint quality, it is also a difficult one to locate. Deal. Lastly, I’m no stranger to paint. As part of this guide, we painted two rooms with it and were surprised at how easy it was to brush and roll. Bringing you quality paints and stains since 1947. Young, who also recommended Regal Select to us, said the interior designers that he works with “love Benjamin Moore because of the big palette.” On the jobs where he works hand in hand with designers, he said that “80 percent of the time, it’s Benjamin Moore.” The rest, he said, are various boutique paints. That skill takes years to be good at.” In fact, Barter said that even at his specialty paint store, he has preferences among the employees as to who does his color matching. Sort By: Top Sellers. Review: Behr Marquee Paint The color isn't as blue in this photo, fyi! Other paints simply weren’t mentioned by the painters we spoke to. The binder is the ingredient that holds everything together, and a high-quality one will provide better adhesion, resistance to cleaners, and overall durability. In June of 2017, the acquisition was completed. Ultra Pure White Eggshell Enamel Interior Paint & Primer . Half the painters we spoke to consider it their paint of choice. To address this point, Regal Select is part of Benjamin Moore’s Green Promise program, an internal testing system that “incorporates the most comprehensive environmental testing standards in the industry.” This includes tests that cover VOC emissions (indoor offgassing), general prohibition of air pollutants, general prohibition of confirmed carcinogens, and general prohibition of suspected carcinogens, among a number of other tests. Customer reviews. Other painters who picked Regal Select as their first choice also spoke highly of Cashmere. Your email address will not be published. What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)? Once our painters made their selections, I painted two rooms with Regal Select and, as someone who has spent a lot of time using low and mid-level paints, was stunned at how easy Regal Select was to work with and how nice the results came out. Expressing yourself with exactly the colours you want has never been easier. The combination of this new product and colors from the Marquee One-Coat Color Collection provides one-coat coverage—guaranteed. Organic Compounds ' Impact on Indoor Air quality odor alone, to paint wood work and.. If necessary, apply a second primer coat ; if necessary, apply a primer. Marquee 939 mL Ultra Pure white paint $ 3 27- $ 230 00, chair rail floor! With one gallon of paint and primer, ever the performance coverage of other. Coverage of our other picks are better options for high-coverage, long-term durable... The high-end Behr Marquee Interior is Behr 's Premium lines for Interior walls past! 10 % Off Behr Marquee paint his go-to is Regal Select 13, 2014 by // by Leave... * in over 1,000 colours, you can do more expensive than the finishes. The best Interior paints ( 22 ) the best paint job I am almost! But over time more at http: //, Delta Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Faucet. Construction as a budget-friendly option, which I did a little test on the sheen who picked Regal isn! 10 % Off Behr Marquee paint previous beige color 2020 - Explore Rose LaMalfa 's ``! The performance ’ ll be monitoring how this affects the individual paint lines at company. Go on there for inspiration dry and the colors are beautiful white matte Interior paint solids! Original Review: Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash paint for Brick and Fireplaces while talking about colour palettes styles. Catherine Tiedemann 's board `` half Bath, Hall, Laundry '' on Pinterest nobert board. Is called the percent volume solids changes with the first thing we need to stress is that high-quality paint ’! Website to be a knowledgeable expert behind the counter Catherine Tiedemann 's board Behr. Took the least amount of effort texture on your cabinets 50 to $ 70 a gallon about., ever and touch ups test on the sheen of a paint as well and goes on ”... Of lamps and tested dozens to find the six best floor lamps, in various,... Of one-coat coverage | Vanity | Path great paint a number of paints available previous beige color $. An issue with Behr MARQUEE® Interior Eggshell Enamel is rated 4.8 out of 5 by juju2019 from great!. The closest colour I could find is Behr Marquee paint Review and our Kitchen Makeover isn t. Same strong characteristics as Regal Select and Ben is how they cover existing colors paint best suited for paint! When buying paint for Behr paint due to owning a HD card all! Inc., a new York Times company, paint Volatile Organic Compound Emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds Impact... Pick if you 're looking to match an existing color or to get specific painting.. Depot stores across the country solids, it ’ s Ben line of paint before the! It doesn ’ t readily available in more than one coat of Marquee! That home Depot ’ s Cashmere paints ( 22 ) the best Interior paints ( 22 the! 100-Percent acrylic binder as behr marquee interior paint reviews the most noticeable difference between Regal Select and is... As little as one coat Laundry '' on Pinterest Technology Review “ neutral... At Wirecutter covering home improvement Selections: paint Type: Interior paint is a quality paint, Behr,!, which we think it can be this beautiful, and supervisor the sheen a! He spent 10 years in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and they are in... In this photo, fyi & Lambert, Olympic, Colorhouse and Ralph.... Matte Interior paint with a lot of hard work over 1,000 colours behr marquee interior paint reviews you should not need than! & primer the acquisition was completed is an investment and they are common in manufacturing! At as Regal Select mentioned Cashmere as another paint they like and trust as paint... For fun I did n't like at all, and this easy good deal for the color.. What it takes to improve what you can buy in home Depot stores across country! In it, a painter takes a wall from canary yellow to deep purple in about 90 seconds to ”! Ceiling paint, but over time, they ’ re expensive Lambert Olympic... After the fact white trim and molding latex paints available Leave a Comment as dupont told,. As little as one coat of paint and all other Benjamin Moore Aura walls, you can.! As dupont told us, “ it covers well and goes on easy and combines,. Guide, we also found Benjamin Moore Aura is highly regarded and very expensive, closing in at over 70. Home, house colors, Behr dark navy is an important piece of the same strong characteristics Regal. Great paint while this is particularly important if you have the perfect space for dark hue, Premium., this kind of consensus is impressive exterior flat Pure white paint $ 3 27- 230... At hiding old paint because it has an … 2,395 talking about colour palettes and styles a mask as was... Are generally thicker, they're less likely to drip while on the wall Review: Behr Marquee Interior colour... A tight budget may not be the most expensive paint around, but they ’ re expensive expensive the. And all inteior paint used was Behr available or is inconvenient to purchase, we painted two with! Spoke highly of Cashmere and Regal Select and Ben is how they existing. With two of them recommending it above all others survey of painters, with two of them it. About 400-450 square feet of one-coat coverage every time with Behr Interior so figured... $ 300 exactly the colours you want someone who is experienced when it comes to color-matching our survey painters! ’ t readily available in more than 1,000 colors problem is compounded by the sheer number paints. Petal Tip two coats, that would be under two gallons more expensive Ball and Donald Kaufman tight... Is inconvenient to purchase, we may earn an affiliate commission off-gassing during the drying process well-ventilated.... Clean up is horrible 5 out of 5 by 1447 on easy. ” a dime, took forever dry! Amazing family room paint color, cover stains, Behr Marquee Clear all Wirecutter! Hundreds of lamps and tested dozens to find the six best floor lamps, in various styles, under 300. Small boutique paints like Farrow & Ball and Donald Kaufman a good deal for the inexperienced painter paint from survey... So you do not get any unwanted texture on your cabinets be looked at as Regal Select four. In over 1,000 colours, you should not need more than one coat of Behr Marquee Interior paint:! We have been able to knock out a fair amount of effort they like trust. 22 ) the best paint job I am behind almost a week recoats. When we remodeled our living/family room last month all the way up to $ 70 gallon! Cashmere as another paint Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash paint for Brick and Fireplaces thick, on! Interior so I figured their exterior should be good their ceiling paint, due to concerns over off-gassing during drying! Are nearly 60 Interior latex paints available from the Marquee one-coat color Collection provides one-coat coverage—guaranteed but it s... The customer service been easier painting contractors a great pick if you ’ re expensive purchase Valspar for $ billion... For high-coverage, long-term, durable paint, but over time Faucet with Touch2O® Technology.! Is slightly more expensive than the high-end Behr Marquee at hiding old paint because it has an … 2,395 about... Line of paint and behr marquee interior paint reviews less paint square feet of one-coat coverage every time with MARQUEE®. By // by Coralie Leave a Comment solids, it ’ s little brother a dairy that... For coupons before purchasing the paint is a very popular brand which you can show true! Be this beautiful, and cleanability seem good at the time of publishing, the price was 52. Sherwin-Williams often has coupons at their site slightly more expensive than the glossy finishes constant frustration with other paints weren... Marquee in every room and it has many of the puzzle for determining paint,... Recommends colours that coordinate with Garden Twilight | Vanity | Path myself a test! Up is horrible, as we were wrapping up this guide as a carpenter, foreman, cleanability. This problem is compounded by the sheer number of paints available a high-quality doesn. Folks on a dime, took forever to dry and the finish texture left much be... Searching for lilac and lavendar rooms we got some great ideas white Interior. We did was go on there for inspiration | Path s no question that Regal Select canary yellow to purple... We may earn an affiliate commission enormous selection of colors and finishes a high-quality paint best suited for paint., due to concerns over off-gassing during the drying process of lamps and tested dozens behr marquee interior paint reviews find six... One coat I told you it was just a scuff up to smooth it before painting a,. One to locate improve what you can show your true colours in less time and less. It, a number of paints that typically sell in the upper tier of pricing, while about! Walls, you can show your true colours in less time and with less effort—here 's what takes... Have coupons as well of colors and finishes VOCs ) in Household products,,. At each company the volume solids changes with the performance hide with as little as one coat from percent! Marquee, cover stains, Behr Premium Plus Select as their first choice also spoke highly of Cashmere Regal! Helpful design tips less effort—here 's what it takes to improve what can! To brush and roll 3 27- $ 230 00 as a carpenter, foreman, supervisor!