This Marketing Formula

Took Us From Struggling


Clients on a Waitlist

Can you relate to any of these:

If you're not getting enough inquiries about your services - you simply can't survive as a freelancer. And even if you do survive, it will be a miserable existence...

Even if you're getting a lot of inquiries, are they potential high-profit customers? If not, then it's...

You're putting unnecessary pressure
on yourself!


You can have the right mindset, identity the perfect market, deploy the best positioning tactics, and still struggle to survive. Why? Simply put, if people don't know about you and your services, all your efforts will be in vain.

If you’re not getting all the leads and closing all the sales you want...

...or if you haven’t even launched your first freelance business yet...

I’m going to show you how to do just that...


Yep, once you have our "proven marketing formula" you’ll be able to create powerful marketing that results in a steady stream of pre-qualify prospects, closes more sales - and leaves your competitors in the dust.

The best part is that you'll be able to use this formula template over-and-over.

And even if you're an experienced freelancer, I promise that once you see our proven marketing formula you'll start getting more inquiries and each of them will have higher profit margins than you ever thought possible.

But more on that in just a bit.

First, let me ask you an important question:

How can YOU stand out from all the competition and get the attention of potential prospects?

no money

With so many "gurus" talking about how to make money as a freelancer these days, you may be thinking you’ve seen this before. But trust me... this is unique.

And once you see exactly what we're doing

...once you have our proven marketing formula...'ll start generating far more inquires, and closing more deals.

Do You Know What It Feels Like to Struggle?

I know what it’s like to struggle as a freelancer. To not know when or where your next project will come from. For the first 2.5 years after starting Ugly Mug Marketing, I scrimped from terrible project to terrible project. From demanding client to demanding client.

The only thing that saved me was my stubbornness. I was simply too hardheaded to listen to everyone telling me to quit.

If I had known then what I know now, things would have been so much easier...and certainly far less stressful.

Truth is, the first website we sold was $300. Yep, $300 total dollars. After I paid the designer and coder, I think we may have lost money on the project. Actually, I know we did.

no money  

Over the past 6 years we've continually tweaked and engineered our marketing so that it actually works for us, helping us generate far more inquiries (often far more than we can handle) close more deals. Not just any deals, but BIG dollar website projects.

Like $31,000. $19,450. $17,845. $12,500. A ton of websites in the $5,000 - $10,000 range.

Now it’s your turn…

And to make it easy on you, I'm going to do what no one else is doing.

I'm NOT just going to give you a few tricks and hacks...

...I'm going to take you step-by-step, start to finish, through our exact marketing formula.

Follow our proven marketing formula and before long you'll have more inquiries than you can handle - and at higher prices than you imagined possible.

And YOU will have done it…

And YOU will be able to do it over and over again….

And YOU will be able to start implementing your new marketing formula TODAY.

But in order to do it, you'll need our proven marketing formula...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Marketing

Actually, to call it a “formula” isn’t giving it justice…

…this reveals exactly how we market Ugly Mug Marketing and ensure a never ending stream of prospective clients.

In just a few simple steps, you’ll discover:

...and soooo much more.

Most importantly, we show you how to structure your freelance business so you get a LOT more inquires, build credibility throughout the sales cycle, and ultimately close more deals.

Personally, if I had known this when I was first starting my business, this would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of frustration and heartache.

I mean it…

Don’t Spend Another Day Without Learning This Proven Marketing Formula...

Frankly, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you're wasting valuable time on marketing efforts that will never work.

And I don’t want that to happen to you!

I want you to CRUSH IT... even if you have yet to land your first paying client.

And fortunately, at Ugly Mug Marketing, we’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, we made our fair share of mistakes along the way...

...and we do this stuff for a living!!

That’s why we were so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow processes so everyone on the Ugly Mug Marketing team can duplicate these proven results.

In the past this proven marketing formula was for internal use ONLY, but now I’m making it available to you.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

I've actually had a freelancers offer me significant money to help them create marketing plans. Why? Because we are constantly have a waiting list of clients wanting to work with us.

I could easily sell this for $47 - $97, but for a very limited time I’ll let you have instant access to our Proven Marketing Strategies for just $7.

Yep, Just $7…

Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or you can access a proven plan for turning your ordinary, boring proposals into a powerful sales tool.

The choice is yours…

Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions...

Q. What's included when I purchase your Proven Marketing Strategies?

A. You get our proven proposal system. I'll walk you through the strategies that we've used to sell well over $500,000 worth of website projects...and to generate a continual line of prospective clients.

Here’s how it works:

In the last 6 years my team and I have:

And along the way we have perfected a large number of strategies and processes. More importantly, like any good scientists, we've documented each strategy step-by-step along the way so our best ideas could be repeated over and over again.

There's no fluff - all specific, actionable advice.

Q: Why only $7?

A. If you’re thinking "$7 is cheap... what’s the catch?" then here are a couple of reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious freelancers who take action, and in our experience charging anything gets rid of 99% of the whiners and complainers.

2. People value what they pay for! If we simply gave the information away for free, you wouldn't value it the same way.

We also believe that once you experience the power of our Proven Marketing Strategies you’ll want to learn more and maybe… just maybe… you’ll come back, and buy more.

But that’s it...

No fine print... no “hidden trials”... no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yep, all our trainings have a 90-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

You can use all the tools and strategies from our Proven Marketing Formula for a full 90 days. If you aren't convinced the strategies, tools and information will help you increase both your freedom and your income, simply send an email to support [at] and we'll gladly refund 100% of your money.

Q. Will I receive anything in the mail?

A. Nope. The Proven Marketing Formula course is 100% digital - and delivered immediately after your purchase. That means no waiting. You can immediately begin applying strategies and experiencing results in your business.

Q. What happens after I purchase your Proven Marketing Strategies?

A. Within minutes of placing your order you'll receive an email containing your login credentials to access our Proven Marketing Strategies dashboard. From this dashboard you'll be able access all of the sessions and bonus materials.

Order now and get:

...and soooo much more.